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January 8, 2010
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Sonic sighed lightly as he brushed Tail's bangs out of his face. "What are you doing?" he asked himself.Well to be honest,Sonic wasn't doing anything at the moment.Tails made a low moan as he turned in his sleep.Sonic smiled and kissed the sleeping vulpine on the head.Tails mumbled something lightly and rolled again.Sitting back up,Sonic sighed. "What am I gonna do?" he asked himself again.

About a week ago Sonic finally confessed his love to Tails.He was surprised when Tails said he felt the same.Even though both seemed happy,Sonic could tell Tails wasn't.He hadn't built anything,nor had he gone flying.He just wasn't his Tails.And now here he was.Asleep in the middle of the day.

Sonic growled slightly and picked Tails up.He refused to believe anything was wrong.Hugging the vulpine gently,he began nuzzling him. " to me.I'm starting to wonder if you really care..." Sonic mumbled as he nuzzled the fox. "Sonic...your smothering me." came Tails' sleepy voice, "Can't I even sleep without you HAVING to hold me?" he scowled softly.Sonic growled again,but put Tails back down. "Maybe if you didn't act like I was forcing you into this relationship I wouldn't have to bug you." Sonic shot back.Tails,who was now fully up,rolled his eyes. "Here we go with the "Oh poor pityful me" act." Tails said coldly.He stood and dusted off his fur. "I swear your around me 24/7!Can't I have a little alone time?!" Tails growled.

Sonic shot to his feet. "FINE!You don't want me here?!I'll split!" with those words said Sonic dashed away.Tails rolled his eyes. "He'll be back within an hour." he mumbled to himself walking off.

---3 hours later---

Tails stared out the window. 'He'll be back soon.' he thought to himself.Tails was surprised when Sonic didn't come back within an hour.But he was purely amazed when he didn't show for 3 hours. "He must be doing something to keep himself from coming home.Yeah...thats it." Tails told himself.Though part of him was wondering what it was Sonic was doing.Suddenly a blue flash of light caught Tails' attention. 'Sonic's home!' he thought happily.It was the first time in a week that he had been so happy to see him.Running to the door,Tails opened it.He stopped himself from jumping on the blue blur. "Oh hey Tails." Sonic said blandly and walked by.Tails stood confused.

"Oh hey Tails?Thats the BEST you could do?" Tails said softly. "Well I wouldn't wanna smother you." Sonic retorted coldly.Without another word he walked upstairs.Or at least he made it seem like he did.Really Sonic was standing on the steps.Hoping Tails was gonna come after him.Or at least call him.But no.Nothing.All Sonic heard was a door close.Panic fulled his heart as he realized that Tails had walked out the door. "Tails!?" Sonic called running downstairs.No answer.Rushing to the door he saw Tails heading down the runway strip.Shaking just a bit from thinking he'd lost him,he walked towards him slowly.

"Tails?" Sonic called when he got right behind him. "Why do we keep doing this?" Tails asked never looking back at him. "Do what?" Sonic asked confused. "Why do we keep hurting each other?Are we having a competition?Who can hurt the other more or something?" Tails responed.Sonic could tell Tails was crying. "Tails...come here.Please?" Sonic said sitting down next to him and opening his arms.Tails threw himself at Sonic and cried into his chest. "We just gotta...find the rythm.We're just starting out Tails.No couple is perfect.But if we're gonna make this work.We need to learn how to talk with yelling or getting mad." Sonic said stroking Tails' head gently.Tails nodded and hugged Sonic tighter.

"I do love you Sonic.I really do.With all my heart...its just...I don't wanna be the small little boyfriend.I wanna be something you don't mind being with." Tails mumbled.Sonic nodded and hugged him tighter. "I love you too Tails.And I don't care how tough you are.I fell in love with you because of how soft and sweet you were." Sonic mumbled blissfully. "Really Sonic?You don't mind me being weaker than you?" Tails asked softly.He felt Sonic's arms tighten around him. "Yes I do Tails.I don't want you to be anyone but Tails for me." Sonic said happily.Tails smiled. "Good.Cause I hate telling you to let go of me.I like it when you smother me." Tails confessed blushing.Sonic chuckled and hugged him tighter.

The moon shined down on the couple happily.Both cuddled happily into one another's grasp.They might not be a perfect couple,but they were getting better.

My first Sontails story.^-^

This is suppose to be around the time they just got together.I like how this ended.^^

Tails and Sonic may be ooc but thats what makes this pairing (and all other yaoi pairings) so friggin great!xD Yayz!
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I LOVE this couple!!! and the story was really good!!!Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] Nem Insane Beating Heart 
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